Somthing to Hide Behind {Simplicity 2474}

Pattern:  Simplicity 2474
Version:  B - the dress
Sizing:  14
Fabric:  suiting
Notions:  charmuse binding; hem tape
Instructions:  fine, but the dress is straight-forward
Modification:  hand stitching binding to finish neckline; French seams
Recommend:  ummm...no opinion

I may or may not wear this dress.  Today, the fabric lacks the luster needed to make a rather ho-hum dress into a something wearable.  Honestly, this dress sparks an old lady feel and not a contemporary vibe to me, and the fabric reminds me of couch pillows from the 1980s.  Switching the fabric to a non-plaid floral print may put a new life into the center-seamed kimono sleeve design, but there is no will to re-make this pattern. 

Time was spent to make this garment better than the basic directions, such as French seams and hand cut bias binding for finishing the neck and armholes.  But no attention to hand sewing the perfect invisible stitch can brings about a celebration. Even the hem tape used to secure a nice line is utterly boring. 

The front center seam is a big distraction to my eye, even with attention paid to matching the print.  The sleeve dart is a nice touch to a bland kimono sleeve, but its not something that ultimately saves the dress.  Even with the swift, easy to make design, it is not something to recommend to the fashionista and is more of a dress for the person wanting to hide themselves.  I hope I am not too harsh in my opinion, but fabric select may change the look of the dress to something more to my liking.  I will not give this look another chance though and leave the experimenting to the lucky few who can be inspired by the design.  Perhaps cutting the dress to shirt length could rectify the smock into a more versatile garment. 

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