No Fuss Costume {McCall's 6811}

Pattern:  McCall's 6811
Version:  A - the apron
Sizing:  medium
Fabric:  about 1.5 yards of quilting cotton in black and sugar skull print
Notions:  velvet ribbon; 1.5 yards pom-pom fringe
Instructions:  pretty nice
Modification:  fabric selection; embellishment
Recommend:  yes

As Halloween rolled around this year, I was perplexed on what to do.  At the time there was no plan to attend a big costume affair, and already having a few backup Halloween costumes, there was absolutely no need to whip-up something new.  How could I let the holiday pass without making something for it though?  So, I thought, "Why not a costume a person could wear to work?"  Something that was festive, but still  office appropriate.  McCall's 6811 fit the bill with an apron that could be put-on and taken-off without the disruption of changing clothes or putting on make-up. 

The pattern calls for three contrasting fabrics, which looks great.  When I was at the fabric store though, I had to have this sugar skull print and decided to pair it with a plain black skirt.  With all the ruffles, semi-circle skirt, and the skirt overlay, the design takes a bit of fabric.  It is worth it though.  I followed the direction, and in return came out with the perfect work costume and something to celebrate the Day of the Dead as a bonus. 

As soon as I thought I was squared away with 2015 Halloween/Day of the Dead attire, an invitation came for a grown-up costume party.  As I said, I have a few costumes already made and decided to wear the Alice in Wonderland I made back in 2013.  I soon found out that the apron was missing though.  Since McCall's 6811 was already in the sewing room, I set about, as fast as possible, to make a white replacement apron.  This version was made from a thin shirting in a single print with the ruffles removed.  I also decided to loop the neck straps around lengthened waist ties to remove the need for a neck bow. The project still took me about two hours to make, but it was easy and I like this look better than the original.  I shortened the apron skirt by two inches, but I ended up taking the hem out of the dress so the blue contrast showed. 

As the trick-or-treat marathon begins, I send you a Hallows Eve greeting full of stitches, batting, and notions.  

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