Bateau For You {Vogue 8886}

Pattern:  Vogue 8886
Version:  B with cap sleeves
Sizing:  12 to 14 with additional tailoring
Fabric:  tropical wool
Notions:  canvas; heavy interfacing; invisible zipper; 2-hock and eyes
Instructions:  very nice
Modification:  added additional facing within collar; no lining
Recommend:  yes

This dress has been along time coming.  I started it a while ago, posting my muslin version last August.  The time has been worth it though, because the dress came out just as I pictured and wanted.  As a "Custom Fit" "Very Easy Vogue" the pattern lives up to its hype.  A tropical wool was cut at a size 14 in the hip and graded to a 12-C through the bust.  I would highly recommend either using a prototype to fit the dress or leave yourself plenty of seam allowance for altering to your body.  I did fit this pattern before making my final version and still had to make adjustments through the ribs. 

1) finished front; 2) collar back hooks; 3) bound sleeve and reinforced shoulder; 4) finished back
For the collar, I used heavy iron-on interfacing along with basting canvas to one side before sewing together the two outer pieces.  Previously, I noted that the collar had difficulty laying correctly and needed more support.  This caking seems to work well--I would almost be tempted to add two layers of canvas next time. By the way, I believe this collar is called a bateau, but if I am wrong can someone please correct me? 

The pattern calls for a complete lining.  Since I really wanted something that could be worn in the heat of summer, I left it out.  The tropical wool is so complementary to the design of the dress, that the extra structure really is not necessary.  A lining would make the inner dress more polished though.   Maybe next time.


  1. What a beautiful dress. Tres chic!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm so glad that I made this dress. It's a winner if I do say so myself.

  2. Oooh it's really pretty on you! Love it!

    1. I'm so glad that you like the dress. Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I really enjoyed making this dress, and hope that I get many years of wear out of it.