The 3 Hour Dress {Simplicity 2245}

Sorry, but this pattern is out of print; however, there's an update available.
Pattern:  Simplicity 2245
Version:  B--the dress
Sizing:  10 though bust graded to 12 in hips
Fabric:  chambray
Notions:  ribbon; snap; button
Assembly time:  3 hrs--hence 'The 3 Hour Dress'
Instructions:  good
Modification:  no yoke; no cuffs; French seams
Recommend:  if you can find it, buy it, make it

Recently, I was sitting around doing nothing and decided I should do something, but instead of doing the countless things I should have been doing, I decided to sew.  Why do chores when you can create? This dress took only three hours, start to finish, to make; so unfortunately, I still had time to do what I was avoiding---the dishes. Rats...

Pattern selection was a no brainer.  I made a shirt rendition a couple of years ago, the Leftover White Shirt, and had always meant to make a house dress from the same pattern.  Fabric selection was easy too.  Chambery is my favorite fabric this spring/summer, plus it was already pre-washed and ready to go. 

image source

Since this pattern is out of print, I will avoid much of the detail.  Also, the instructions provided are good, making anything I say pretty much unnecessary.  There is one big difference that I changed with construction.  I skipped the neck yoke and opted for a bias finished neckline.  The neckline is neither too high, nor too low, and I like it more without the extra pieces. I bound the arm holes with bias and top stitched the front seams.  In addition, I skipped interfacing the square piece of the yoke and instead sandwiched an extra yoke piece between the other two.  The side and rear seams are French seam finished, and the rear opening finished with ribbon (for reinforcement) and a snap.  My technique can be seen here. One thing that I need to stress:

image source
Sizing up would have made this dress much more comfortable and wearable.  The kimono sleeves angle right at the bust line and with the gathers at about the same point, there is a pull.  The same is true for the hip area.  The pocket point ends at the hip. When you sit, or walk there is tension on this seam.  So whereas my dress fits when I am holding still, when I move it looks and feels like the wrong size.  Nevertheless, I still like and wear it. 
As a side note, Thornberry and I must have been on the same wave length, except the pattern has been updated and is ready for digital download from Liesl & Co.  The good news for you is there are now three ideas out there for the neckline!  Mine's the best though; you can't see it but I have a cheesy smile. 

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