Pretty in Pink Muumuu {Simplicity 2147}

The muumuu dress is resurrected in super hot pink, thus loosing its status as the muumuu.  (Original post is here.)  This dress is made of dreamy, silky, stretchy, brilliant colored knit fabric.  Boy-o-boy was it difficult to work though.  This pattern probably is not the best use of such fabric.  I say this because of the seam placement.  The horizontal seams can be stressed, so I have reinforced them with yellow seam binding.  My hope is this will help with the stretch.  We shall see.

This dress is proof that fabric choice does affect the outcome of a finished product.  After I wrote this post, I washed the dress to see how the seams would hold, well the craftsmanship was fine, but the fabric is even worse on my scale than before.  It needs to be ironed!  Iron a knit, no.  To top that off, when ironing you have to be careful not to scorch the fabric. 

Comparing it to my previous garment made with this pattern, I'd have to say the first dress is a lot nicer. The lined bodice gives the dress a nice finish.  Would I recommend sewing this?  Sure, but use a knit that is a bit more structured than my selection. 

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