A Long Time Waiting Part 2 {Simplicity 1466}

Pattern:  Simplicity 1466
Version:  the pantaloons
Sizing:  18 - vanity has a hard time admitting that
Fabric:  wool/polyester suiting
Notions:  invisible zipper
Assembly time:  3.5 hrs
Instructions:  easy straightforward pants
Modification:  invisible zipper; length
Recommend:  they're just plain pants with no yoke and a high waistline

This is part of a project that should have been completed years ago, which seams to be a running theme in my sewing these days. Both outfits included in  Vogue 8886 strike my fancy.  The dress has been made once before, but the top and pants is what initially caught my eye. 

Vogue 8886 is one of my all time favorite patterns, and one of the few times that a muslin was done before actually completing a project.  During this process, the pant pattern was manipulated to achieve a somewhat flattering garment.  Over the past two years though, I have thought more about the straight legged, no waistband, darted pants.  The drafting never settled well with me.  Having achieved a great amount of success with Simplicity 1430, I began to think that the curves of Vogue 8886 gave me less than thrilling results and so I compared the two patterns side-by-side.  Sure enough the crotch angles are different.  I then searched my Simplicity patterns and found a similar pattern to the pants of Vogue 8886.  Comparing Simplicity 1466 with Vogue 8886, there is a slight variation with the design of the crotch and thigh.  The Simplicity pattern seemed to be closer to my favorite pant pattern, and so I decided to use that for the pant portion of the project instead of the pieces in Vogue 8886

Once sizing issues have been resolved, this design is very simple to stitch together.  Four pieces with four darts and four seams will get the job done.  I had no troubles reading the directions and finishing within a single afternoon.  I shorten the length on purpose, though I may have taken too much off, I am undecided.  Other than that, there is not much to add. 

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