Strips for Independence Day {Vogue 9062}

Pattern:  Vogue 9062
Version:  B - the dress
Sizing:  12 to 14
Fabric:  ponte
Notions: hook and eye
Assembly time:  just shy of forever because of line matching (not really, just a few hours)
Instructions:  just fine
Modification:  no sleeve flounce; no lining; fold-over hems; bias neck
Recommend:  five stars

Happy 4th of July! Guess what I'll be wearing? Blue and white strips...all day long. And, I'll be happy as can be sitting outside in this ponte dress all afternoon until the slow drive home after the fireworks.
Vogue 9062 is as simple as they come. I sized the pattern at a 12 in the bust to 14 in the hips and achieved a relaxed fit all around. With the strips, a little extra ease was naturally added to keep the lines parallel. The shaping comes from bust darts and a two piece center back. I thought hard about eliminating the center seam, and the extra time it would take to match the fabric, but the dress needs the structure, particularly for my body shape. I'm so glad that I kept with the patterns original drafting.

I did opt out of the sleeve flounces---those would have been a bit cumbersome when picking over the picnic buffet and a hazard around the campfire. When I complete this pattern again, I'm going to add the decorative element for sure though. More than likely, a lining will be used as recommended for that version too, but here, bias worked fine.  I give five stars for this pattern, because it produces exactly what I expected.

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