Finally A Linen Lisette {Butterick 6182}

Pattern:  Butterick 6182
Version:  B - the dress
Sizing:  14
Fabric:  linen; scrape of bias-cut charmuse
Assembly time:  5 hrs
Instructions:  just fine
Modification:  added ties to help define shape
Recommend:  not so much the dress, but maybe the shirt version

Whenever I see a Lisette pattern, I think of summer and linen.  Finally, I took the time to make my version of a Lisette pattern with a crisp white linen from Butterick 6182. While the dress came together quickly, I was disappointed at my first results.  I cut a straight size 14 and only used quarter-inch serged seams because I suspected that the chest would be tight with the way the sleeves are constructed.  While the chest ended up fitting nice enough, the rest of the dress was a giant sack.

At first I was going to take-in the sides at the waist, but then decided against loosing the ease and opted for ties instead.  Believe me when I say the ties took just as much time to make as the entire dress.  I cut 31-inch long stripes at two-inch wide and spent nearly an hour and a half turning right-side out.  I then picked the side seams apart about 21-inches from the hem and stuck the unfinished end between the sections.  Restitching the side seam and top-stitching the tie back and front together, secures the tie and will help to avoid tears since the seams may be strained at times. 

I am much happier with my dress now that I made the additional detail, otherwise, I would really not recommend making the dress version because of the lack of waist definition.  However, even though I have not made the shirt, which is just a shorter version of the dress, I would definitely recommend trying your hand at that version. 

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