What Was I Thinking {Vogue 9075}

Pattern:  Vogue 9075
Version:  B - the wide legged jumpsuit
Sizing:  14
Fabric:  knit ponte
Notions:  invisible zipper
Instructions:  it doesn't matter
Modification:  no pockets; removed the sleeves; lowered the neckline; added top-stitching
Recommend:  nope

The other day, I stepped out of the craft room for an opinion on my latest creation.  It was meant with a forced smile and complete silence.  After prying a bit, the response was, "you probably shouldn't wear that."  I had snuck a peak at myself beforehand and could not have agreed more with my critic.  I have no idea what I was thinking when I bought Vogue 9075. I should have known it would be a disaster.  By looking at the envelope drawing, the neckline is very high, finished above the collar bone, and the wide-legged pants supposedly end below mid-calf.  After making the pattern as drafted, I also notice the sketching, specifically with the sleeves, illustrates a narrowing (somewhat squishing) of the upper chest by how the seam lines are drafted.

All these elements ended-up being a concern when I finished my first attempt.  The neckline was ultra-high, the armpits and bust were tight, and the length was extra long.  Since the garment is made out of light-weight BLACK knit ponte, it took on a very conservative feel (only if I kept the bust tension at bay), even invoking comments about a nunnery and church.  Most important thing though, I felt horrible wearing the jumpsuit.  Awful.  Frumpy.  Ugly.  Unskillful. 

Having nothing to loose, I took my scissors out and started cutting.  First went the sleeves; which were cut right at the seam.  Next came the neck.  I cut two-and-a-half inches out at front center, tapering at the shoulder, then tapering down about three inches at center back.  I decided to leave the leg length, but at any moment may opt for trimming to above the knee. 

My seams are finished with a bit of top-stitching.  The edges around the legs and armholes were completed with a narrow fold-over hem.  The neckline is completed with a bit of bias tape sewn at the edge and folded-over also.  At the waist, a long piece of clear elastic supports the seam, helping to reduce fabric drag.

I certainly would not recommend this pattern, but I am not disposing of my copy.  I am interested in completing a version with pockets, but using the skirt pattern pieces instead of the jumpsuit.  I have hopes that by combining the skirt portion with a different bodice, the pattern would make a nice dress.  Surprisingly, what was a disaster became a wearable outfit---even making an outing to dinner and being slated for a concert later this week.  The entire thing is ultra comfortable, probably due to ease and my knit fabric. 


  1. I'm glad you were able to save it! It looks great!

    1. Last night I was searching for Butterick 5030 reviews and guess who I found? You! What a coincidence. I love the wrap dress you made, I even thought of making it out of the same fabric as you.

      As far as vogue 9075, taking the chance to alter something that I hated was a thrill. While the jumpsuit is still not my "favorite", it is comfy and perfectly fine.